Meet The Character Project

Each and every person has a story, an experience, and a passion. As the picture states, this project will allow people to get to know and understand a stranger, understand a new perspective, and learn something new.

As a writer I create characters, but those inspirations didn’t come from no where. Every time I encounter someone, speak with someone, get to know someone, I instinctively pick up their traits, stories, motives, and more. Pieces of everyone I have ever met often inspire the characters that drive my stories.

Sometimes writers live too far away, or they just aren’t that social. I decided this project should happen for those who don’t know. Not to mention the fact that in other places people don’t seem to know everything about people from other cultures, or even other states. Living in Texas you would be shocked, or maybe you wouldn’t be, by how often people ask me what it’s like living around bigots all the time!

That’s the funny part though, I live in the city, and most of the people I know couldn’t care less if you’re different, or what that difference is. That’s likely because we have a massive population and a high number of different races, cultures, sexualities, and genders.

So, Meet The Character is born from the ideas of what human experience shapes the people we are or the people we have become. From the lady at the bus stop preaching the bible to me as she sees my tattoos, to the young barista who made me that amazing latte in central Dallas. Knowing more about people, understanding those people, it opens are minds, it educates us.

Meet The Character will interview people from all different backgrounds, some will be written interviews posted to this blog, others will be video interviews that are posted to our coming youtube channel.

I hope this will be more than just a great resource for writers, but a way to educate everyone on diversity, and more.

-Johannus M. Steger (C)2017


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