Can Yoga Save My Life? Day 2 of 30

I did twenty minutes today and the hardest part is going to be telling you about it. Or maybe the hardest part is watching the video instructor do things that I am still not sure I will ever do, and that includes touching my toes. (Seriously!)

I can report that I felt amazing when I woke up this morning, I almost didn’t even need that beautiful, rich, delicious cup of coffee… The one I drank anyway because, well, I love coffee.

imagesToday I sat down and wrote a series of goals down for myself. I wrote my lifetime goals, which I will add to. My one year goals, six months, three months, and one month goals. This is included with my daily to-do-lists, and my weekly schedule that is pinned to my wall.

This week has been a lot better, even considering the stress I live with on a day-to-day basis. I was proactive about getting my Tuesday video blog up on YouTube and I even made my partner toast.

Then something crazy happened, and you’re going to laugh, but I did the dishes – well, half of the dishes. I went for a walk (even though I didn’t need to) and even though I did five minutes of cardio and twenty minutes of yoga. I felt energized.

I’m sore, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like some overnight amazing change, my back is pretty tender. Yet, that tenderness isn’t the usual pain that I am used to enduring on a regular basis.

My creativity definitely feels a bit higher, and I am hopeful to get some writing done on my novel tonight. When I woke up this morning I wrote down two different story ideas, which was a surprise. They are out of my normal genre, but one is a sci-fi that feels like fun. So, interesting but good stuff. It will be nice to write something outside my normal genre when I’m feeling blocked.quote-o-wilde-to-live-is-the-rarest-thing-in-the-world-most-people-exist-www-quotespictures-com

I am wondering what is doing the changes, is it my state of mind that is altered? Or is it the yoga? Is it the cardio? Is it the scoop of sugar I’ve been omitting from my coffee? Maybe it’s just everything together. Likely, it’s the latter.

I hope this is the start of something great. I want to be successful, and part of that is going to involve being my best self. This means body, heart, and mind. It took a lot of myself, a lot of being down. and never feeling happy to get to the part where I realized I had the keys to my success. I hold the key to my future, and only I can open the door.

It hasn’t been easy, a lot of the people in my life are negative types, and that’s fine –

that’s them. But this is about me. I need to grow, I have been stagnant for far too long. Sometimes I feel like I am sitting in front of the window watching people outside have lives, like I’m frozen in time.

It makes me feel like I’m broken, and I mean more than just the damage to my spine. I feel like a clock and my arms no longer move. I want more out of life. We should all want more out of life. I’m hungry for success. I have goals, hopes, dreams.

I want to become a traditionally published author. Something that is not easy, and the odds are not exactly in anyone’s favor, so they say. I am actively seeking representation with an agent for my finished manuscript all while I am working toward my Bachelors.

I also want to grow my network, meet new people, share my experience and my knowledge with new people, the works.  I’d like more my partner and I to be able to afford our own place, I would like to have my own office, and not just the living room.

Most of all I want to be more sound, healthier, with my mind and body, and stay there. I’d also like to be more creative, and to utilize that creativity more often.

I am already seeing changes in my state of mind, my body and my normal pain levels. So, if I feel like this on day two? How good will I feel on day thirty?

eddea6ccc9f06a2deedeb14b6aa797a9I will be trying to explore these thoughts more thoroughly as the days go on. I have an active goal of wanting to lose five pounds this month, I wouldn’t be mad if it were more. Eventually, I am going to raise the bar on what I expect out of myself and start stretching for goals that seem impossible.

Nothing is truly impossible (except me growing gills and taking residency in the ocean, maybe) not if you put your mind into it, work hard, and never stop running. If I can stay hungry, and just keep up this momentum, yoga will do more than save my life, it will change it and change me along the way.


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Author: Johannus M. Steger

Johannus M. Steger is a Fantasy & Science Fiction writer with 16 years of practice. He was first published at age 17 with a small press magazine in Canada for his short horror story, “I Can See Her”. In 2005, he won a writer award through DeviantArt for best flash fiction. In 2007, his poetry was published in a d10 role-playing game. In 2017, he was published with two short stories in an Amazon best-selling anthology, Infinite Darkness. He has several publications with Huffington Post. Since then he has traveled through North America, Central America, and lived in Hawaii, with desire to continue traveling. He has a degree in Allied Healthcare Science and is an undergrad at Southern New Hampshire University, Majoring in Creative Writing & English with a focus in Fiction. Currently, Johannus is querying his finished manuscript, Finding Fire, a fantasy novel about a young girl stolen away to another realm. He is also working on Cursed Sands, a Young Adult novel that spins the Disney Pocahontas story on its head and mixes it up, set in a fantasy steampunk secondary world. Johannus lives in Dallas, Texas with his partner and their four ferrets; Toki, Turbo, Jon Snow and Sitka. He has a love for coffee, tea, all things fantasy, and long walks with mean people on short piers…

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