Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 8 of 30

We’ve all been given the exact same 24 hours a day.


The poor man and the billionaire. The same 24 hours.

What I choose to do with my 24 hours is my choice, just as what you choose is yours.


The other day I mentioned my goals, writing them out starting at where I see myself in 1 year and dropping down to six months, three, and one month. This coupled with my daily routine of making a To-Do list. I’m a huge advocate of this. Each thing on my list is a victory, micro-victories, little bites of success to keep me motivated, to keep me moving forward.

I am currently working toward becoming a full-time writer and getting a published (traditionally) career. I also want to be an online craft teacher, assisting through skillshare and my YouTube to give the opportunity to learn writing like I wasn’t afforded growing up.

I wanted to go to college when I was 17. I couldn’t get FASFA, as I needed my father’s tax information. He refused, and therefore I couldn’t go. I would have never gotten loans; nor could my aunt and uncle afford it.

Maybe my dad knew his tax information would just get me denied and he could spare the money to send me to college, who knows. What I do know is after I hit 24-years-old, I was able to file as an independent and I did.

I finished my first year, and received a degree in Healthcare Science. I worked as a Surgeon’s assistant for a while, and I spent long hours on my feet. One of the many contributing factors to my current condition. IE: My back issues.

I am currently in college working toward my Bachelors, so I can do something with my life. (Btw, end goal is to be a literary agent.)

These last eight days have proven to be a wonderful start to something I know I will achieve, my success in life. I want more for me, I want more for my family, I will get more. Not because the world will hand it to me, but for the same reason I got anything in life growing up. I worked my ASS off for it. That’s how I got my first, second, and third car. That’s how I got and kept my jobs I had, and that’s how I have gotten to where I am in life.

No one has given me anything, I have never had a hand out that I didn’t work off in some way, shape, or form. Whether it’s cooking, dishes, yardwork, repair, whatever. I work for it.

This is no different, I refuse and I will continue to refuse my back’s deception. (Stupid body).

I don’t care how bad my spine is, I don’t care. I do not care that the spaces between my vertebrae are dwindling. I don’t care that I have mild scoliosis. I don’t care that I have bone spurs and sciatica. I don’t care that I am always in pain. I give it as much attention as I gave the cancer I had twice, and overcame twice. I won’t feed it. This is my life, this is my body, and I call the shots.

I may have been dealt bad cards, but I will bluff until everyone else throws in the towel or the pots so big that the last one standing feels the need to give up.

So, with this being said, let’s go over the main points.


Eating and Exercise:

I had ice cream and soda today – IE I had a root beer float. I also had chicken enchiladas and tacos, Americanized Mexican food day, anyone?

I rested today, my body didn’t even want to wake up today (thanks allergies!). It’s been a crazy hectic day, emotionally anyway.

So, next…

Body Pain Levels:

I’ve been in pain all day, low to mild aches and throbbing, and over stimulated so badly I needed to shower to get my brain to calm down. Not to mention this allergy migraine – kickin’ my ass. But tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a good Yoga Session after class will loosen these muscles and these old bones. (old, lol, I’m 27).

Emotional and Mental State:

Aside from having to deal with my mental over stimulation, I was dealing a lot with the new talk about that show. 13 Reasons Why, mind you I don’t feel like debating on the topic. I think the show is inappropriate and not a healthy thing to watch, especially if you have or do deal with suicidal issues, depression, or are a rape survivor. Bleh.

I got my 20+ minutes of empowered listening in today, even though I would have preferred more. I listened to that while I worked on school assignments. It gave me what I needed to get through my day. And these speeches I have been listening to always have some interesting facts that I get to cross reference and check, which is fun.




I am feeling good about the progress I have made, and the places I am headed. I am feeling empowered, strong, and self-reliant. Which is great for someone who must sometimes rely on their sig. other to walk.

When I started this journey, I wrote down on my tablet all that I was feeling in concern to my depression, and I let the cathartic feeling of it wash over me. Now I can look at that note on my tablet and remember how far I’ve come. (Maybe I’ll add that note on Day 30 when I compile all my blogs).

Going Forward:

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is another chance. Tomorrow is Today (it’s 12AM) but I must remember the only easy day, was yesterday. So, in a few hours when I wake up, I will remember that I am who I am today. I am not the man I was 8 years ago, 8 weeks ago, 8 days ago, or even 8 hours ago. I am different, and I will be different tomorrow and the next. I will be a changed man after day 30, and I will just keep moving toward my success. Toward my victory, and I will never stop.



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Author: Johannus M. Steger

Johannus M. Steger is a Fantasy & Science Fiction writer with 16 years of practice. He was first published at age 17 with a small press magazine in Canada for his short horror story, “I Can See Her”. In 2005, he won a writer award through DeviantArt for best flash fiction. In 2007, his poetry was published in a d10 role-playing game. In 2017, he was published with two short stories in an Amazon best-selling anthology, Infinite Darkness. He has several publications with Huffington Post. Since then he has traveled through North America, Central America, and lived in Hawaii, with desire to continue traveling. He has a degree in Allied Healthcare Science and is an undergrad at Southern New Hampshire University, Majoring in Creative Writing & English with a focus in Fiction. Currently, Johannus is querying his finished manuscript, Finding Fire, a fantasy novel about a young girl stolen away to another realm. He is also working on Cursed Sands, a Young Adult novel that spins the Disney Pocahontas story on its head and mixes it up, set in a fantasy steampunk secondary world. Johannus lives in Dallas, Texas with his partner and their four ferrets; Toki, Turbo, Jon Snow and Sitka. He has a love for coffee, tea, all things fantasy, and long walks with mean people on short piers…

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