Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 15 of 30

Day 15.


Today is the half-way marker of my 30 days. I have a sprained ankle but I still got in a 15-minute walk today with my Significant Other.

I just finished my last week of my first term working toward my Bachelors and I’ve never felt better. I’ve been stressed like crazy because of family stuff but I think it will get figured out.

Other than that, though things are good, I didn’t do my empowered listening today, but I did some inspired reading instead.


Eating & Exercise

I made meatloaf and white rice today and I had coffee. Also, some corn. It was a good meal. I am sure y’all might be concerned on how little I eat – I promise I eat enough calories throughout the day. Which is a very important thing to do. I also walked 15-minutes, again, like I said.


My Pain Levels

My ankle is killing me. Seriously, how the heck did I sprain or twist it? What happened? Oh, well, that’s life. It’ll heal.

My other pain is fine, migraine still, but that’s it.


Mental and Emotional Health

I’ve been in a pretty good mood all day, is it from the exercise and changes I have made? I think so.


Reflection & Going Forward

I still have a lot to do. I have a list of things I need to accomplish before my next term starts. And plenty of time to do it. No complaints, getting things done, and making myself responsible for it.

Sorry for the short post, more going forward!


Let’s Chat

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