Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 18 of 30

Day 18.


Today one of my blogs was featured on the main page of Huffington Post, a huge accomplishment for me. I have plenty that still needs to be done but I had a ton of work today and dealing with my back pain.

I did do my Yoga today, but seriously I just finished it. Hectic Day.

Anyway, I’m so tired, ha! Let’s get to it!

Eating and Exercise

I did 17 minutes of Yoga, 5 minutes of HIIT. And had some pasta and an energy drink, also a couple of small pieces of pizza. I want to start making cauliflower pizza crust again – it’s so good even though you have to eat it with a fork.

I may start posting some healthy eating blogs, and such.

My Pain Levels

Honestly, I feel so much better after my hot shower and a work out. I am still in pain but I think I just need a ton of sleep lol. Or just lots of rest in general – some reading time maybe,

Emotional and Mental Health

I am in better spirits lately, which is great – but y’all I am struggling to sleep every night and I think I may need to go sans coffee and energy drinks for a few days in order to figure out whether it’s stress insomnia or too much caffeine…perish the thought… (I love coffee).


Going Forward and Reflection

It’s been a strange last 18 days, I see a person in myself that was never there before and It’s just amazing. I haven’t weighed myself – as promised I won’t until the 30 days are up. But I have noticed a ton of changes in my overall body shape in the mirror.

I also feel more confident in myself, and the things I am doing.

I may be struggling now, but there is no growth without struggle, and I am going to do betterI AM doing better.  And we all can. It’s inside us. Change your mind, change your world.


Let’s Chat:

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