Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 21 of 30

A Story of Personal Growth.

Day 21.
Week 3 of 4.  In the last three weeks, I have made major strides toward my own personal growth.

I have another blog coming out on the Huffington Post, next week, about valuing your time. Anyway, I promised you a good blog today – as of yesterday.

We walked three miles yesterday. Okay, this is nothing for so many people, but for me?! That’s a huge accomplishment. We missed our bus and there would have been an hour wait until the next one came through and we just weren’t willing to wait. It was crazy hot, and I have a sunburn on my nose, but I’m glad I brought my biking pack.

The walk wasn’t bad, getting home I noticed my sprained ankle was pretty roughed up (swollen).

Today is day one of a 3-day natural (organic) cleanse I am doing. Lots of water of course. I am drinking an “Electro Life” coconut flavored, but it’s basically adult Pedialyte. It’s not bad, just a bit of a bite.

I will try to keep you updated on the cleanse—minus any graphic details.

So, moving on. We are finally clearing over the hurtle of the family issues I mentioned before—all thanks to the help from our very close friends. I am so thankful for all of the people in our lives that are with us no matter what. It’s in the most trying times where you learn who is your real friend and who is just hanging around. Even if it’s just in the words of hope, people don’t even realize how much those words of support can carry us through.

My life feels so chaotic at times but since I started doing this I feel like I have some semblance of control. And I don’t mean that in a controlling, crazy way. I mean it in an, “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” way.

I spent my weekend building a life planner (expect a video and a post about this) and it is super fun to do and though I am still putting the pieces within, it has come a long way.

I am seeing so much change, all positive and the biggest positive has been in my outlook on life. I joke about becoming an adult, but being a kid isn’t going to do shit for me. Excuses and laziness are not acceptable—I refuse to let it hold me back.

I want my friends to walk in to a clean and organized home, not a madhouse.

I want to be proud of what I have and where I live and who I am. Only I have the power to make that happen.

Anyway, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

Eating & Exercise

I walked 15 minutes today. No yoga, today was a rest day. I had tacos (homemade) today, lots of water, a half cup of coffee, and a blackberry & sage herbal tea.

It was a good day.

My Pain Levels

Stiff joints still, and my ankle is beating me up! Ha! Mostly it’s just been migraines. I’m doing okay otherwise. The yoga has totally been helping.

Mental and Emotional Health

I am slightly stressed out—I have a ton of stuff I need to get done this week before school starts again! But, this is normal stress – I’ll be fine. But I still need to film roughly 18 videos this week, and I need to get a ton of other things done—haha!

I feel mental strong, emotional stable, and naturally happy.


When you see your own personal growth, it’s absolutely mind blowing. I wish I could share with you who I was and prove to everyone who I have become. But all I have are my words, and those words are honestly distorted by the changes. But, I’m okay with that.

Going Forward!

I have SO MUCH TO DO!!! I can’t even list it all—and a lot of my personal stuff I am keeping to myself.




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Author: Johannus M. Steger

Johannus M. Steger is a Fantasy & Science Fiction writer with 16 years of practice. He was first published at age 17 with a small press magazine in Canada for his short horror story, “I Can See Her”. In 2005, he won a writer award through DeviantArt for best flash fiction. In 2007, his poetry was published in a d10 role-playing game. In 2017, he was published with two short stories in an Amazon best-selling anthology, Infinite Darkness. He has several publications with Huffington Post. Since then he has traveled through North America, Central America, and lived in Hawaii, with desire to continue traveling. He has a degree in Allied Healthcare Science and is an undergrad at Southern New Hampshire University, Majoring in Creative Writing & English with a focus in Fiction. Currently, Johannus is querying his finished manuscript, Finding Fire, a fantasy novel about a young girl stolen away to another realm. He is also working on Cursed Sands, a Young Adult novel that spins the Disney Pocahontas story on its head and mixes it up, set in a fantasy steampunk secondary world. Johannus lives in Dallas, Texas with his partner and their four ferrets; Toki, Turbo, Jon Snow and Sitka. He has a love for coffee, tea, all things fantasy, and long walks with mean people on short piers…

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