Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 22 of 30

Day 22.


So, I have been walking most of these days – this is because of my sprained/twisted ankle (whatever the hell is going on.)

I will get back to my yoga, tomorrow, and I can’t wait—I miss it. My back misses it!

I did a Huffington post article today about valuing your time, which I think goes with this sort of blog well if you want to see that you can click here and see it.

I am also adding a segment on Saturdays to my YouTube Channel, this will encompass personal growth, and other self-improvement information, then on the last Friday of every month I am going to add a life update. This means the channel name will reflect my name, instead of Fantasy & Coffee, but the name isn’t going to change as far as branding goes.

So, this entire month has been about improving me, and so I am going to be doing next month focused completely on improving my surroundings. Since we will be moving soon I won’t be doing massive changes among this apartment—but I will be working on more organization and spring cleaning, like crazy style.

Look forward to that—also I am going to work on not saying “so” as much as I do! Promise, maybe, I’ll try!

I wore myself out on my blog article today for HuffPost, anyway, let’s get into it:

Eating & Exercise

30 minutes of walking, I had a cup of whole milk vanilla yogurt with half an avocado, and a rice bowl with grilled pork and stir fried veggies. Also, coffee, water, green tea, and kiefer.

Keeping it together! Ha!

My Pain Levels

My pain was so bad today I had to lay down for a bit, ended up passing out for about two hours but it seemed to help. I was extremely worn out after our walk today.

Otherwise things are becoming more manageable. Still a few days before day 30, but I know already that I won’t be stopping, I also need to get a battery for my scale to see if I’ve lost any weight—we’ll see!

Mental & Emotional Health

Honestly, doing great—if I have any new stuff to add to this I will let you know.


I am doing really well, and I can’t even believe the person I once was. Seriously, wow, I was so stuck in this weird world. It’s insane—I feel like I crawled out of a cave and just started living my life recently.

It is so hard to explain, I can feel the changes inside me and it’s amazing.

Going Forward

I’m just excited. I don’t even know what to say. I am ready for my future but I am enjoying the present so much. Life is changing, and it’s wonderful.


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