Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 23 of 30

A Story of Personal Growth.

I’m having serious issues with my Microsoft Word today — Seriously annoying.

I am going to make this short, because it was a rest day and because I’m worn out and tired of dealing with this useless laptop (don’t even get me started, Ha!— don’t buy a dell, and if you have one, I’m sorry.)

Anyway, let’s just get on into it! I promise to make more time for y’all tomorrow.

Eating & Exercise

Had another rice bowl with veggies and pork today. AND I had a cup of whole milk yogurt with half an avocado, then a plate of whole wheat toast with dill and cucumber hummus and a banana, and of course, another half of avocado. I also had lots of tea, one cup of coffee, and lots of water. Also had two cups of soy milk.

My Pain Levels

I’m stiff from sitting all day — my back hates it. But I had a crazy long to-do list and ya know what I got 86% of it done. (yep that’s a random guess number, spare me.)

I will take some ibuprofen though, because one of the ferrets tripped me out of his excitement and I kid you not I twisted my ankle — the same one I already messed up. And all I can do is laugh at it. Which honestly, says a lot about how my moods are…

Emotional and Mental Health

Fantastic. I feel fantastic. How do you put a thumb on it? I can feel it. I did some filming today and just wow. Noticeable difference in my behavior!

Reflection & Going Forward

All good things come to those who wait…NO… All good things come to those who bust their ass to get there!

Stay strong out their y’all — success is a choice.

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