Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 25 of 30

Day 25 and we’re in the last lap folks, but I won’t be giving up — no stopping this momentum. I walked today, and did a bit of meditating. Worked a little on my scripting, and did a bunch of reading.

I don’t have any good top bits to talk about, I’m just going to get into it and I will go over more in the reflection bits!

Disclaimer: For new readers, I am doing this because of my disability — you can find the full “why I began” HERE. 

Eating & Exercise

Like I said, I went walking today. 30 minutes and roughly a mile and a half? I’m still dealing with my ankle, remember earlier I said I’d pulled a ligament and then just the other day I twisted that same FREAKING ankle.

It takes so much effort to walk with this damn busted up ankle. Anyway, I did some meditation today which was really nice.

Food: Banana/Peanut Butter Smoothie, green tea, water, half cup coffee, coconut water, toast with hummus, quinoa/chicken/kale/ricotta ravioli with tomato sauce.

My Pain Levels

Ankle… just my ankle — that’s the only pain recently.

Mental and Emotional Health

Better than I have ever felt. More on this later.

Reflection & Going Forward

I am learning to build pieces of myself from the old me with the new me and creating who I am supposed to be. This became more than just rehabilitation for my spine, and I can see that clearly now. I’m really tired but I can go to sleep knowing that tomorrow is just another day working forward toward the future I never thought I would have.

Let’s Chat:

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