Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 28 of 30

A Story of Personal Growth.

It’s day 28 and the journey is close to an end but it far from over.

Cherry Blossoms are a sign of renewal. A great representation of my life.

I start classes back up tomorrow — I am so tired y’all.

Eating & Exercise

Oh…lord what did I eat? Green smoothie. Cup of coffee. Pork chops, brussel sprouts, sweet potato mash. 1 piece of pizza, and 5 hot wings.

Water and green tea.

17 minutes of yoga, and lots of chores! Ha!

My Pain levels

Good today, I even had plenty of energy to cut my nephew’s hair, clean the kitchen, take trash down, do some spring cleaning, clean the bathroom, vacuum the hallway, living room, and dining room area… yeah crazy busy day!

Mental and Emotional Health

I am doing good — I keep feeling a dip in my motivation but I think my messed up ankle and just general exhaustion is keeping me dragged ass. I will be okay though, I think I just need a nap.

Going Forward and Reflection

Plenty to do. I will just say that the millionaire and the poor man both have the same 24 hours, I plan to use mine well.


“You Are A Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero

“Loving What Is…” by Byron Katie

Trust me you won’t hate yourself for it.

Last bit… Love yourself and dig out your strength… You are Wonder Woman.

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