Will Yoga Save My Life? Day 29 of 30

  • Another late one- went up on Medium last night, sorry guys!


So we are about to wrap this month of self improving and change up. I have had an exhausting day with school, work, yoga, cardio, chores, and delicious health conscious meals.

I want to make this short because I am so tired, and tomorrow’s is going to be a long wrap up post to get ready for my next step in moving forward.

Very minimal pain, again most of my pain centers around my messed up ankle. Then there is just the overall weight of my body, which I just ordered a battery for my scale but I’m nervous to see the end result. My weight is painful to carry and it stresses my ankles, my shins, my knees, my spine, etc. But even disabled this problem is no one’s but mine. Only I can pull me out of it.

And I will in time.

Right now is all about putting in the work and opening my mind to what is possible, what is coming, and what I know I deserve.

I will be adding recipes to my wordpress soon, I am ready to share the entire journey of growth and change into a successful human being with all of you. I hope you’re ready for me!

And remember I live on like 50$ a week for 2 people and we are eating healthy. That’s 25$ a person a week.

So budget friendly and health conscious can live in harmony, no matter how I told myself they couldnt, but I have replaced all my lies and rid myself of them as well.

For now my readers, good night. And for my wordpress readers, you will get this tomorrow sorry for the late post, I am exhuasted!


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